Village Departments 

Village Board


Steven A. Abraham, Village President

           Email:, Phone: 715-828-0470


Deborah Creaser-Kipp, Village Trustee

           Email:, Phone: 715-828-3064


Greg Kipp, Village Trustee

           Email:, Phone: 715-828-1378


Rebecca Livingston, Village Trustee

           Email:, Phone: 715-210-6870


Jesse Jenson, Village Trustee

           Email:, Phone 715-505-4729


Terry Stamm, Village Trustee

           Email:, Phone: 715-379-3728


Paula Turner, Village Trustee

           Email:, Phone: 715-554-1484


Plan Commission (Village Planning, Zoning, etc.)

Terry Stamm, Chair, Deborah Creaser Kipp, Carol Heimstead, Greg Kipp, Nick Mohr, Carol Petersen, Mike Tietz


Public Works & Streets (Water/Sewer, Streets, Lights, Landfill)

Terry Stamm, Chair, Jesse Jenson, Paula Turner


Public Safety (Police, Fire, Rules & Regulations, Ordinances)

Deborah Creaser Kipp, Chair, Greg Kipp, Paula Turner


Property & Finance (Village Property, Finance, Insurance, Claims, Permits)

Rebecca Livingston, Chair, Deborah Creaser Kipp, Terry Stamm


Employee Relations (Employee Negotiations, etc.)

Greg Kipp, Chair, Rebecca Livingston, Jesse Jenson


Village Hall

Mailing Address: PO Box 188
Phone: 715-879-5011

Fax: 715-879-5851

Office Hours:  8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Thursday

Closed from Noon to 1:00pm for lunch

Village Clerk/Treasurer

Patricia A. Hahn, Clerk/Treasurer
Elk Mound Village Hall
E206 Menomonie Street
Phone: 715-879-5011

Cell Phone: 715-379-8820

Fax: 715-879-5851


Elk Mound Police Department


For Emergencies Dial 911


Chad Weinberger, Chief of Police

Contact for Appointment

Phone/Fax: 715-879-4411, Cell: 715-309-3138



Dunn County Sheriff's Dept: 715-232-1348

Dunn County Code Red Link:



Elk Mound Fire District

Les Shafer, Fire Chief
E202 Menomonie Street
Non-Emergency Phone: 715-879-5432
Email Address:
For Emergencies - Call 911


Public Works

Mark Levra, Director of Public Works
E206 Menomonie Street
Phone: 715-879-5011

Cell Phone: 715-556-4566



Regular Hours:  7:00am to 3:00pm

                         Monday through Friday


In case of water or sewer emergency after hours call 715-556-4566.





Dunn County Solid Waste Collection Site Information
Located at the end of 570th Avenue
Hours and Days of Operation:
Wednesdays — 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 
Saturdays — 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


Dunn County:

State of Wisconsin Elections:

State of Wisconsin Deparment of Natural Resources: